Reasons why natural wine is better than conventional wine

Wines have been studies extensively over the years, and findings suggest it may help to live longer. Wine protects against certain cancers, improves mental health and helps to better the heart too. According to general studies, wine is pretty good for people as it helps with good cholesterol, good antioxidants, prevent artery damage in moderation (three to five drinks a week is considered a moderation). But now in prepping for this segment, all wines aren’t created equal. It can find in reds and traditional red sawdust to prevent them from having to age in the barrel.

When getting the wine teeth that are mega purple, it’s not a dye and shouldn’t get wine teeth. Don’t drink wine again if it gets wine teeth because they can add extra sugar not necessary for the sugar, but it increases the alcohol content quickly, and it speeds the fermentation. In store look for the organic, that’s the best and biodynamic.

Buy natural wines online are organically grown by the small farmers; it means no added pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals. Though the use of the chemical has grown in the last 50 years. In U.S vineyard Monsanto’s Roundup is the most used herbicide, and it’s been linked to various cancer cases worldwide. Farms that are organic are healthy and sustainable for the soil. Dry farmed vines receive water from natural rainfall. Dry farmed roots grow deeper than irrigated plants up to 50 feet which helps to absorb nutrients from within the soil.

The FDA approves that for winemaking 76 different addictives are used. These include toxic chemicals, metals, bad bladder, added sugar and more. Natural wines contain none of this. All natural wines are from sustainable winemakers which return nutrients and bacteria to the soil, enriching the world instead of destroying it. Modern wine contains lots of sugar where as natural wine contains less than 1 litre. Natural wines are funky because the folks are fantastic about taste.


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