Brushing twice a day keeps the teeth healthy and clean

People brush teeth to keep it clean and healthy so they can keep helping the whole lives. After all, how would anyone crunch up a cracker or bite into an apple, without them? Without teeth, there will have a few choices of foods that could eat. So it’s necessary to take care of the teeth by brushing twice a day. Now, it can’t just tell by looking at them, but the teeth are actually made up of different layers. The part on the outside is super hard shell called enamel, which is mostly made of minerals. Enamel is the strongest stuff in the whole body, even stronger than bone.

But unlike bone, a tooth can’t feel itself when it is broken. And the teeth aren’t hard enamel all the way through. Just below the tough outer layer, there’s another layer called dentin that’s not as hard. And below that, there’s the inner layer of the tooth called the pulp, which has blood vessels and nerves inside it. And this part of the tooth is super sensitive, so in order to protect the delicate pulp inside of the teeth, it really important to take care of the outside.

The best way to do that is by brushing twice a day after eating. Because food can damage even those outer layers of the teeth, that’s because the teeth aren’t all shiny and smooth. It has lots of bumps and ridges that help to grind down the food. And there are lots of small spaces between them too. The spaces are easy for food to get stuck and hang out all day. For more information please visit here Dentaltown

There are places where it’s easy for food to hang out all day which is gross. There are lots of tiny little things that call the mouth home. These are called bacteria. They’re way too small to see, but they’re definitely in there. And they are a lot of them, in just the mouth alone. There are bacteria more than people on earth, and they release an acid which can hurt the teeth.


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