Kubau GmbH drywall expert for Kiel and surrounding areas

We are pleased to advise you free of cost and with no obligation to your construction project. Economically and capable, your construction project can be executed by the Kubau GmbH with the blithe construction guarantee. Get a free consultation for your industrial and private construction requirements. Your professional company for modern drywall construction!

Drywall construction has become almost indispensable for both private and commercial sector construction projects. For new developments, renovations and renewal this craft build up the full potential. Our modern techniques save time and spare the construction budget. The modern drywall is a whole evolving construction process that is optimized eventually and with high-tech materials.

Firstly, metal construction is set up, to which gypsum plasterboard that is used mainly for drywall are bolted. The modern construction process replaced the old-style stone on stone in several areas. Drying phases are entirely removed in modern drywall construction. With this innovative system, Kubau GmbH put walls of the premier quality in record time. Waiting times owing to the drying phases, which occur during masonry work, are eradicated by modern drywall construction. Reconstruction of old buildings, reformation of your space as well as in other commercial or private construction projects, the advanced search has its place.

The advantages of the modern drywall is both for the private sector, and in the meantime for the commercial industry, we save your time and cost savings. Drywall has more advantages such as it is appropriate for new room layouts, personal room design solutions, lynching from ceilings or concealing unsightly pipes, and hanging of wall cabinets etc. Drywall method is a great way to keep walls dry and advance the heat balance of apartments. Even with massive loads caused by the wall cabinets, hanging television sets, free-hanging washbasins or for any other similar issues can be resolved or is ideally suited by drywall.



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