The Increasing Popularity of Kim Dao

kim dao is a Vietnamese beauty blogger and is well-known for her ‘Kim Dao’ blog as well as her YouTube channel in which she posts a wide range of content such as blogs, beauty tutorials, and look-books. kim dao graduated from University of Western Australia and has a degree in Japanese and psychology. She started her YouTube venture in 2006 but did not post videos until 2011. Among the most popular and ‘liked’ videos is her ‘Everyday make-up in Japan’ that garnered over five million views since it was uploaded in 2012.

Originally, kim dao is from Australia and has featured in several photos and videos across various social media platforms. She is often compared to Lauren Curtis who is a popular beauty guru. kim dao has become a famous YouTube star in recent years. She was born in Australia on 4th September 1990. According to Wikipedia and Forbes, she is ranked alongside the list of the richest trending celebrities. Kim Dao’s net worth is estimated to run into millions of dollars and her salary, cars, and lifestyle are updated on various websites. For more information please visit here

kim dao net worth has grown significantly in 2018. However, her exact net-worth is not available at present. It has been widely noted that the primary source of income for kim dao is her YouTube channel and the ‘Kim Dao’ blog. However, her forays into Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter have also earned her huge amounts of money and have increase her net worth.

kim dao herself admitted that her blog was not intended to make money but just to document her first tour of Japan. However, the success of her first documentary led to a huge fan following and eventually led her to include more content such as travel, makeup, and fashion in her blog. Her blog and social media forays have eventually made her a famous blogger. kim dao currently resides in Japan but plans to return to Western Australia in future.


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