Nature Meets Innovation in Bamboo Huawei P30

It looks like Mother Nature has the perfect solution to every modern necessity as we introduce you to the Huawei P30 wooden case. Yes, it is crafted from wood and is specifically designed to protect your smartphone. Huawei P30 wooden case is the knight in wooden armour, especially for the modern individual’s smartphone.

The Natural Formula: We at BOSSU are excited to reveal that Huawei P30 wooden case has been crafted using bamboo and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for efficiency and product durability. Our product is waterproof, eco-friendly and elegant, which comes in two options- Natural Bamboo and Dark Wood. And what’s more interesting is that it comes with the possibilities of customisation and personalisation for each individual.

Two key highlights of the Bamboo Huawei P30 are listed below:

Huawei P30 Personalise with Photo: This is an innovative initiative for our customers to design their very own personalised phone cases. Our technology enables you to personalise your case with photos and all kinds of imprints ranging from important dates to customised patterns. You may choose, and your wish will be our command.

Huawei p30 custom name initials: As mentioned above, the BOSSU phone case creator technology will assist you to imprint your name or initials to your case in various designs. This will also make for a perfect gift to your loved ones as you can insert special messages or quotations as well. This feature helps you to customise your very own Bamboo Huawei P30 as per your personal taste.

Huawei P30 wooden case is uniquely crafted to suit the taste and requirement of each customer without compromising on the quality. The natural bamboo gives a smooth finish to the case, while TPU is excellent for its water-proofing agent. The most impressive highlight of this product is that it is environment-friendly. To top it all, the icing on the cake is the elegant packaging of each phone case.


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