Necessary steps of Dota 2 for new learners

If you are playing Dota 2 for the first time, usually there are only one or two different game modes one will have to start with. The first option is Single Draft in which the game chooses three random heroes, one from every important attribute like Agility, Strength and Intelligence. You get to choose from the three options as opposed to 115 in other modes that take out the intimidating task of having to select from a massive pool of heroes.

The first step is hero selection in playing Dota 2. It is also known as the “drafting phase”. Like MOBAs, in Dota 2, once a hero is chosen, the chosen hero will be on the team and will perform unavailable for drafting for the other side. Our guide recommends going with a Single Draft if a player is entirely new to this game. The game limits the number of selections one has to make going into each game.

Besides, while you start the game, it helps one learn a small set of heroes instead of try taking all of them at once.The most important thing to do while playing the game is reading details on each hero’s skillset and playstyle. After all, you do not want to look up what a particular ability does as its projectile is going towards your hero as you go along, always consider memorizing all the skills in the game. For more information please visit

The other is All Pick that gives players the chance to choose heroes. All Pick is the famous game mode for both ranked and unranked public matchmaking, and players have an option to pick any hero they wish as long as it the other team chooses. While All Pick is fun, we cannot suggest it for your first numerous games. However, for the same reasons that we advise playing Single Draft first. There are many changeable and matchups to know, which many will quickly go over the heads of newcomers.


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