Page blanches in the Modern era

With the evolution of the internet, and the availability of information just being a click away, one might think that the page Blanche, phonebooks and yellow pages and so on, the directory of information of the old days, would become obsolete. However, this could not be more farther from the truth. In fact, with the way the internet works with all its anonymous nature, one might imagine that pages Blanchemight me more relevant now than ever.

The origins of information technology can be traced back to page blanche, and even prior to that is the telephone book which, at the time, served as the prime source of information about people, addresses and contacts. However, one may assume that the use of pages blanches would diminish because of the fact that the internet and asocial media has taken major control over these factors. Yes, we might be able to find anyone anywhere today, with the help of the internet and social media.

The disappointing thing is the fact that most of our younger generation individuals and even the older ones are not well acquainted with the term. They are like this; imagine like a set of information about an individual, company or any person you would like to reach. With the upgrade of communication, that is the internet, however, it is possible, and people have actually already used the internet to upload soft pages blanche, yellow pages and so on.

And however, in most countries, like America and France, it is still very frequently used. When you need to reach someone, they are very practical and can save you a lot of time too. Funny fact is that it used to be a subscriber based service, meaning that only people who paid could look up the pages blanche. But however, now it is a free service and anyone and everyone can use it if they need to look up the directory.


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