Dirty Hand modeled tools for hitch post hole digger.

The 100498 Dirty Hand modeled tools are one of the best for digging post hole. This requires a manual aspiration to dig hole auger. The Dirty Hand 100498 model 100 three-point machines are suitable for digging any hitch holes for various types of installations. The compact machine size will provide convenience to carry it around in any workplaces and outperform any sophisticated and heavy tools. Te model 100 three points is an excellent choice for manual selections for any post hole augers.

This 100498 100 model three points Dirty Hand modeled tools are with many tractors. Especially the CAT 1 and CAT 2 tractors. The availability of the six spines PTO makes it convenient to attach to the machine. Therefore, you can utilize this machine activity and dig post hole sitting on the tractor. The drivelines can perform for any heavy duties and have high strength of 2-7/8″ O.D. The specifications of the auger are 6″, 9″, and 12″ sizes.

For speed and ease of performing in post hole digger is the 100623 Dirty Hand modeled tools. This machine has a Model 90 Three-point. Works best hitch post hole digging. This is the best pick for diggers who needs speed digging. The performance of the model 90 three-point is fantastic. For those professionals and weekend leisure, you can have this compact mini size digger. This hole digger model gives you more convenient digging and fits in any tractors. Therefore, have the 100623 post hole digger for fast drilling.

This 90 three-point Dirty Hand modeled tools have modern equipment. This model has a variant gearbox for heavy duty. The drivelines have a yoke to connect with the standard 6 spines PTO quickly. The drivelines have the safety shield to provide durability in its usage. Having this machine brings many benefits with a 1-year warranty for the drivelines and a 3-year warranty for the gearbox.



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